The Rachel's Angels Drugs = Death curriculum is being taught in Akron Public Schools as part of the health class program among high school students.

Angels, student ambassadors of the program, have been trained to present the curriculum. Students-talking-with-students provide an open and meaningful dialogue which encourages students to discuss and share real-life issues related to the drug epidemic.

If you would like to be a Rachel's Angels ambassador, please contact us.

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 educational programming among

elementary and high school children.

Rachel's Angels at a community event spreading the word about the dangers of drugs.

School Presentations

Contact us if you have an interest in discussing and scheduling Rachel's Angels to present an educational session about the realities of experimenting with drugs. Typically our presentations last 40-50 minutes.


The typical agenda includes:

  • Introduction

  • Rachel's Video Story

  • Possible Rachel's Angel Testimony

  • Discussion

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