Cindy Demaio, President and Founder

Karen Weber, Vice President

Rachel's Angels President, Cindy Demaio

Right to left: Karen Weber, Vice President; Cindy Demaio, President and Founder

Rachel's Angels Team

Rachel's friends, her angels who are spreading the word by sharing her story.


I'm Cindy Demaio, the mother of Rachel and the founder of Rachel's Angels. Rachel passed away October 28, 2016 in my arms after an accidental drug overdose. It has been an impossible struggle for me as a mother to understand and accept this unimaginable reality. I refuse to not let Rachel's story end. Her story will continue and it will prevent drug-related deaths among youth in our community.

Rachel's legacy continues through the work of Rachel's Angels. Our group of parents and friends of Rachel are spreading the word about the deadly reality of drugs among pre-teens, teens and parents throughout  the Akron, Ohio area. We conduct presentations at schools, clubs and other organizations who are eager to impact children's decisions when they are faced with drug experimentation. We are also active with community events throughout the Akron area.

The presentations are conducted by the angel's, Rachel's friends who love her and are committed to teaching her story to​ curtail other children from getting involved with the deadly epidemic. Their stories are emotional, raw and impact all in attendance.

If I had been more educated about the epidemic, Rachel would be alive today. I was unaware  that only 25 particles of carfentanil (oftentimes sprinkled on heroin, cocaine and marijuana) are deadly. It is 10,000 times more potent than morphine, making it among the most potent commercially used opioids.


Acknowledging a problem exists is step one. However, finding help is very difficult - particularly for a child under the age of 18. I was given a four-page document by our local Children's Hospital which listed resources and agencies to obtain help. One out of 100 were able to help. Though by the time they returned my call, it was a day too late.

As parents, we must talk and talk and talk about this tragic epidemic which knows no boundaries.


Please, get involved, together we can make impact by saving our youth.


Cindy Demaio