Rachel Demaio inspiration for Rachel's Angels, opiate awareness Akron non-profit


A drug epidemic is upon us. We are all becoming touched by it in some way. It must stop. However, physicians can not treat the epidemic to an end point. The only way to stop children from entering the drug world is through anti-drug education. We can make an impact by spreading the word among children, parents, teachers, administrators and government.

Rachel's Angels in a non-profit organization focused on the mission to stop children from experimenting and becoming addicted to drugs. We will impact the epidemic in northeast Ohio through juvenile anti-drug awareness and education programs. And, for those who are using drugs, we must connect them to services which will help them now - sooner, not later.


Rachel was a beautiful, funny, athletic, artistic 17 year old when she made a fatal mistake. Her mistake was experimenting with drugs, resulting in an accidental overdose by unknowingly ingesting carfentanil.